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About me

About me 

I am a 21year old college girl named Carol who is studying Economics in the University of California, Berkeley. Education is one of the primary and most essential rights and necessities for a student and no one can snatch away that right from him. There are however times, when students cannot afford to pay for higher education because of the high expense and staggering costs in colleges. I am writing this blog for students who have a high ambition in life and would like to opt for higher studies so that they can make an identity for themselves.

Are you fresh out of college and would like to opt for higher studies?  Student loans are of great help for opting for higher studies. Now many people must be doubtful about the importance and the significance of student loans and how they are obtained. When I opted for my student loan in the year 2014, I was very apprehensive about the fact whether my loan would be approved or not. But now I am really happy that I took the right decision.

Why student loan is difficult to get 

Though student loans might be a guiding light for students who would like to study further in life, student loans are pretty hard to achieve. Student loans are a sort of loan where the bank would offer you money to study, however you need to repay back the loan after you are over with your degree courses. Federal student loans have a number of free programs that can help you in repaying the debt while private student’s loan debt is perceived as a trap that may actually call for danger in many students’ lives. So, is there an option of getting unaffordable student loans easily?

How to avail a student’s loan?

Did you know that I opted for a student’s loan when I got my admission into the University of California? Apart from the private student loan options there are federal student’s loans, which are safe since it is a government driven initiative for students. This repayment plan gives you the option to repay half of the loan that you owe, or also eliminate some private and federal student loans in case you are completely bankrupt.

The process of opting for a student’s loan

If you are looking for assistance in student’s loan, then always ensure to look around you for fraudulent activities and scams. You should always try and avoid companies

  • That you are not aware of
  • Companies that charge you a monthly fees
  • Companies that ask you for your Federal students Aid and Pin No
  • Companies who say that they would not provide you any data

I applied for a student loan in the Citizens Bank, which offers loans for the Undergraduate and Graduate degrees. They offer Variable as well as fixed loans at an interest rate of 2.78% – 8.24% depending on the tenure, the amount and the degree opted for. You can opt for private as well as federal loans as well.